Lunch Menu

Please ask for TODAY SPECIAL

Lunch Special $9.95
Select one from each course
11:45pm to 3:30pm Everyday



Spring Roll – Crispy fried vegetarian roll, carrot sauce

Steamed Thai dumpling – Minced chicken, preserved radish, peanut

Curry Puff – Curried chicken, potato in puff pastry

Som Tum** – Green papaya salad

Green Salad – Mixed green with Thai herb dressing

Tom Yum Goong Soup** – Lemongrass, tamarind tendril, shrimp, mushroom

Tom Jerd Tao-Hoo  – Tofu and vegetable clear soup



Shrimp/Beef instead of chicken add $2
Please ask for meat or vegetarian substitution.

Chicken Green Curry**
Eggplant, bamboo shoot, long hot chili, pepper,Thai basil, coconut milk

Chicken Basil***
Bird’s eye chili, string bean, pepper,Thai basil sauce

Chicken Ginger
Nappa cabbage, mushroom, onion, scallion, ginger

Pad Thai Noodle
Chicken, bean sprout, Scallion, Brown tofu, Red onion, egg, peanut

Pad Kee Mao***
Flat rice noodle, chicken, Thai basil, Bird’s eye chili, tomato, pepper, bok choi

Pad Se-Ew
Flat rice noodle, chicken, Chinese broccoli, egg, sweet soy sauce

Sen Mee Neua Peuy
Rice vermicelli, braised beef soup, Thai meatball, bean sprout, scallion, spicy bird’s eye chili dipping sauce

Kow Pad Kana
Chinese broccoli-chicken fried rice, egg, onion, tomato, scallion

Vegetable Ginger
Casher nut, tofu, onion, mixed vegetables

Kow Lard Geang **
Sautéed chicken, red curry, soy cured tofu, bamboo shoot, Thai basil, pepper, over rice.

Kui Teiw Reua** 
Boat noodle soup, beef&beef ball, Chinese broccoli

Yen Ta Fo** 
Pink noodle soup, fish tofu, fish ball, morning glory, fermented bean curd sauce

*Mild    **Medium   ***Hot