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 7.5 – Thai Market Crepe
Crispy rice crepe, minced shrimp, coconut flake, cilantro, beansprout

7.5 – Daikon Cake
Sautéed with spicy soy sauce, bean sprout, egg & Scalli0n

4 – Spring Roll
Crispy fried vegetarian spring roll

4.5 – Curry Puff 
Curried chicken & potato in puff pastry

5.5- Steamed Thai dumpling
Minced chicken, preserved radish, peanut

7.5 – Gra Prow Gob
Sautéed frog legs. Thai basil, bird’s chili, garlic.

7.5 – Calamari
Crispy fried calamari, spicy plum sauce

6.5 – Goong chae nampla***       
Raw shrimp, bird’s eye chili, fish sauce, limejuice, mint and garlic

7.5 – Salmon Wrap*
Pan-roasted minced salmon, lemongrass, galangal, bird’s eye chili, mint and scallion, green leaves

6 – Tao-Hoo Todd
Crispy fried tofu, taro and peanut, spicy apricot sauce

5.5 – Gu Chai
Steamed vegetable dumpling green chive, taro, spinach, spicy soy sauce


4.5 – Chicken Sate

2 – Loog Chin Ping** – Thai meatballs, tamarind chili glaze

4.5 – Moo Ping – Marinated grilled pork

3 – Grilled Vegetable – Zucchini, long eggplant, pepper, scallion

9 – Tiger Cry – Sliced skirt steak, cabbage, Jeaw sauce

6.5 – Goong Pao – Marinated garlic shrimp, shell-on.


6 – Tom jerd Tao-Hoo – Tofu, baby spinach soup

6 – Tom Yum Goong*** – Lemongrass tamarind tendril, shrimp, mushroom

6 – Tom Kha Gai – Chicken coconut milk soup


YUM YUM (Thai Spicy Salad)
7- Yum Mock Duck*  
Watercress, green leaf salad, seitan (mein chin), peanut, onion and chili

7 – Som Tum*** 
Green papaya, bird’s eye chili, long bean, tomato, peanut

7.5 – Larb** 
Zesty minced chicken, roasted rice

7.5 – Nam Sod**           
Minced pork, ginger peanut, bird’s eye chili

9 – Yum Neau** 
Grilled skirt steak, mint, red onion, watercress, roasted rice

7 – Thai Salad 
Mix green, peanut dressing


Green Curry** (Chicken $12 /  Shrimp $14)
Eggplant, bamboo shoot, long hot chili, basil, pepper, coconut milk

12.5 – Gaeng Noh Mai Dong**
Sour bamboo curry, sautéed with chicken, long hot pepper, basil, coconut milk

Thai Basil Sauce*** (Chicken $12/  Shrimp $14)
Crushed bird’s eye chili, basil, garlic, pepper,string bean

Pad Sapparod* (Chicken $12 /  Shrimp $14)
Pineapple, cashew nut, scallion, pepper,sweet & sour Sri-ra-cha sauce

12.5 – Gai Rad Preeg** (Fried sliced chicken)
Crushed long hot chili-garlic, caramelized, tamarind sauce, bok choi

Pa-nang curry** (Chicken $12/  Shrimp $14)
Kaffir lime leaf, long hot chili, string bean, pepper, coconut milk

13.5 – Chicken Massaman*
Potato, onion, peanut, avocado, coconut milk curry

13.5 – Gai Yarng
Charocoal grilled ½ chicken, garlic cilantro marinated, sticky rice

12 – Kow Moo Dang
Roasted pork, Thai pork sausage, boiled egg, Moo Dang sauce, over rice


16.5 – Brown Trout
Fried whole trout, marinated, sautéed vegetables, and mushroom rice

14 – Pla Dook Pad Ped***
Sautéed Fried fillet Catfish, long bean, Thai eggplant, Gra-chai root, green pepper corn, bird’s eye chili

17.5 – Grilled Salmon*
Pepper corn curry sauce, curry rice

18 – Pla Rad Preeg**
Pan-fried filet red snapper, crushed long hot chili garlic, caramelized tamarind sauce, Hom mali rice

18.5 – Siam Duck
Half duck sliced, sautéed bok choi, honey plum, ginger sauce, mushroom rice

13.5 – Gra Prow Kai Dow***
Minced chicken (or pork) basil with bird’s eye chili, pepper,over rice, with Thai style fried egg

19.5 – Skirt Steak
Marinated, served sliced, with sautéed vegetable, chili garlic puree, sticky rice



12 – Pad Thai        
Pad Thai noodle, chicken, peanut, Brown tofu, bean sprout, egg, Red onion, Scallion

12 – Pad Se-ew            
Flat rice noodle, chicken, Chinese broccoli, egg, sweet soy sauce

12 – Pad Kee Mao***      
Flat rice noodle, chicken, Thai basil, bird’s eye chili, tomato, pepper,bok choi

13.5 – Kui Teiw Kua Ped** 
Flat rice noodle, duck, egg, bean sprout, red onion, scallion

12 – Kow Soy*  
Egg noodle, chicken, pickle mustard green, bean sprout, red onion, Chieng Mai curry

12 – Sen Mee Neau Peuy
Rice vermicelli, braised beef soup, Thai meatball, bean sprout, scallion, spicy bird’s eye chili dipping sauce


VEGETARIAN (Served with Thai Hom Mali Rice)
12 – Vegatable Curry**       
Mix vegetables and fried tofu, coconut milk

12 – Tofu Pra-Ram          
Steamed broccoli, fried tofu, served with peanut sauce

12.5 – Spicy Chinese Broccoli**
Fried tofu, pepper,long hot chili garlic sauce

12 – Eggplant Thai basil** 
Long eggplant, fried tofu, bird’s eye chili, dry black bean

12 – Tau Hoo Rard Khing
Soft fried tofu, shiitake mushroom, Chinese broccoli, napa cabbage, scallion, ginger sauce


12 – Kow Pad Kana
Chinese broccoli, chicken fried rice, egg, onion, tomato, scallion

12 – Kow Pad Gra Prow**  
Spicy Thai basil fried rice, minced chicken, string bean

14 – Kow Pad Poo  
Crabmeat fried rice, egg, onion, and scallion


 7.5 – Pad Thai Noodle (no meat)
7 – Egg Fried rice (no meat)
7.5 – Sauteed spinach with garlic 
5.5 – Steamed broccoli (no sauce)
7.5 – Kai Jeaw Moo Sub


4 – Vegetable 
4.5 – Chicken
6 – Beef 
2.5 -Tofu 
3.5 – Noodle 
2 – Sticky Rice 
Small 1.25, Large 2.5Brown Rice / Mushroom Rice / Curry Rice
Small 1, Large 2 – Thai Kow Hom Mali (jasmine rice)
1 – Peanut sauce 


6.5 – Ice cream
Ginger / Green tea / Coconut / Vanilla
7 – Fried Ice cream Vanilla
7.5 – Lynchee Crème Brulee            

6- Tapioca pearl in coconut pudding

7- Mango and Sticky rice (only available between Aril to July)



2.5 – Coke, Diet coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Club soda

4 – San Pellegrino sparking Water
2 – Bottle water

4 – Thai ice tea 
4 – Thai ice coffee 
4.5 – Pomegranate Ginger Ale 
(From fresh ginger no extracts)


 *Mild    **Medium   ***Hot

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